The May Update

May 2021.

Hello Friends

It’s been a strange last month, hasn’t it? Most of us received our first or second vaccine, the weather has improved, and the cloud hanging over our heads shows some signs of relenting. Of course, for many that cloud continues to linger, and for them we must donate, advocate, and work to support. If that’s you, please don’t give up!

In April, I had the chance to try a lot of new things. I gave my first presentation at a conference, gave my first workshop, and also finished an initial draft for Book 2 of my SHAD HADID series! These are major milestones for me as an author and a creative human. After all, these times aren’t the most conducive to productivity, right? Yet I persevered, told my imposter syndrome to come back another day, and managed to be productive. Further, I helped a few clients who had soliticted my freelance editing services, finished mentoring a project for Author Mentor Match, and selected a new mentee for the WriteMentor program!

Looking forward to May, my hope is to work through the revisions for my Book 2, complete revisions for a secret young adult project, and continue to support author authors through freelance work as well as mentoring! It’s going to be another busy month, and my overarching goal will be self care. So, with that in mind, here’s the part where I’m done talking about me and provide a quick newsletter rant…

This month’s rant is on burnout! I’ve been feeling this BIG TIME and I know I’m not alone. In today’s society, and certainly in America, we are programmed from a very young age with the idea that hard work is good. What most of us never learn is how to not work.

Entering college, the job world, and beyond, many of us spend every moment working. God fordid you have a day job and want to pursue your passion on the side, then you’re really in for a tough time. Speaking as someone who manages their full-time day job, deadlines for contracted writing projects, and a freelance editing business, I often feel the pressure. So, how do I cope?

My solution lately has been a mix of things ranging from a daily yoga practice to gaming with friends, but the true saving grace has been a fundamental shift in how I set my expectations. I recently made the decision to shorten my word count goals for the day and I’ve made it a point to schedule time in my work calender for rest and relaxation. The mix of setting more reasonable expectations as well as giving myself time to recharge, to sleep, and to enjoy life beyond work has benefitted my productivity tremendously! After all, no one else will prioritize your self-care but you.

So, with that in mind, be kind to yourselves. Remember, the key to success in any pursuit is longevity. No one benefits if you burnout early!