The July Update

Personal Musings and Happenings

Friends! The months are zipping by and I’m busier than ever, but I’m sure we’re all on the same boat there.

Why is time moving so quickly? Maybe we’re just catching up on all the lost productivity during the pandemic. Or, maybe, we (and more so I) need to slow down and smell the flowers. To appreciate the summer, and all that I’ve accomplished. Yeah, I like that lesson.

Anyways…onto my update. Currently, half of my family is in Lebanon, where the country is facing some tough times, but remains a wondrous place. Sushi the pup continues to have far too much energy for all of us.

As for me, I’m doing minimal traveling. In fact, during the past few weeks, I’ve treated my situation as if still in quarantine. Not only because there are new Covid variants and remnants of past ones, but because I’ve quite enjoyed the productivity that this heightened period of introversion has awarded me. It’s a whole lot easier to do stuff when people don’t expect to see you. Obviously, I’ll have to step outside of my bubble at some point. Just not yet…

I used this time to do accomplish a couple of smaller goals and a couple of bigger ones. To touch upon the smaller things, I was accepted as a speaker in the upcoming Middle Ground Bookfest, a book fair for writers of middle grade. For years, I’ve seen fellow authors I admire doing participating, so I’m humbled to join their ranks! I also recently gave a presentation titled Finance for Creatives for Dreamfoundry. This organization is one of the bigger ones in the science fiction and fantasy world. It was wonderful to be given a platform there as well!

For the bigger items, the first of two major things was a promotion in my day job! I’m now a Content Marketing Manager, which is fun as I get to be a bit creative and tell stories, despite having to deal with corporate shenanigans. It’s as close to writerly as a corporate gig will get, and for that I’m thankful.

The last personal update comes in the form of my work in progress, a middle-grade science fiction novel. After a couple of months of slagging through the draft, interspersed with fun mentoring and revisions on previous projects, I’ve hit my stride with this manuscript and am really enjoying the writing process. It’s a fun and experimental premise about a young scientist who lives on the moon and wants to save the earth by turning everyone into animals!

Anyways….that’s the July update friends!

I hope to have more news about SHAD HADID AND THE ALCHEMISTS OF ALEXANDRIA soon, but publishing is a waiting game and I am no exception!

In the meantime, I want to hear about YOU. How have things been? What’s new in your creative endeavors? Connect with me on my social channels or shoot me an email :)