The April Update

The Latest Insights From My Journey

This is exciting—my first-ever newsletter!

I’ve been sharing (and sometimes oversharing) details about my life for a couple of years now, whether on Twitter or, more recently, on Instagram. It’s exciting to find a space where I can do the same, but with much more space available at my fingertips.

Now, as for updates, I’ll plan to keep those brief, but I do plan to occasionally ramble if I find there’s a lesson or takeaway that might benefit others to hear, or if I just have a darn good story.

Most recently, I’ve joined Angelella Editorial as one of their many talented editors. With all the mentoring I’d done in 2020, this was a natural progression for me, especially because I can help even more writers along their journey! In addition to that work, I’m continuing to mentor with a few great organizations. I’m in the throes of my mentoring for Author Mentor Match, and submissions will open for a new mentee with WriteMentor this month.

On the personal writing front, I'm excited to say my debut fantasy novel, SHAD HADID AND THE ALCHEMISTS OF ALEXANDRIA is moving along well in revisions. HarperCollins, and my wonderful editor there, have been great at helping me turn my vision for this story into a novel anyone can enjoy. Also, UNICEF has commissioned me to write a short story, which I’ve just wrapped up for them. It’s a young adult science fiction piece centered on Lebanon’s medical landscape in the year 2045. I’m excited for them to share that too!

As a final update, I’ve been invited to speak at the Flights of Foundry conference, which is a three-day event for science fiction and fantasy authors. I’ll be joined by a lot of talented authors, and while two of my three events are booked out, you can still sign up for my talk on Crafting the Perfect Pitch.

Okay! Friends, I’d like to wrap up the newsletter by inviting you to reach out with any questions, whether publishing or writing related. I am happy to answer and address them in future newsletters, or privately.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey, and know that I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines too :)

Also, here’s a pic of Sushi, the best mini-labradoodle there is!