My newsletter while on a writer’s retreat

February 2023

And it's going to be legendary!

January 2023

Friends, I’m so sporadic with these newsletters, but when they come, I always bring only the best tidings. Hope the year has brought you good vibes thus…

December 2022

A fun offer for all of you who may be searching for good gifts

October 2022

I'm not panicking, you're panicking

September 2021

Examples of why the failure and rejection doesn't stop with publication

August 2021

The case for setting small, actionable goals
A series the writing world's most divisive topics

July 2021

When I first joined Twitter in 2017, writing had been a part of my life for less than a year. Everyone was a stranger. No critique partners or beta…
Personal Musings and Happenings
Part 3 of the 3 Part Series
Part 2 of my 3 Part Series